Aircraft Hangers

aircraftHanger1An aircraft hanger offers unique challenges in fire protection that are not advantageous when using other types of fire protection systems.

Key advantages for using the FIRE-SCOPE® 5000 include:

  • Uses potable water. Corrosion risk to aircraft is minimal.
  • Uses NO additives!
  • No adverse effects on environment!
  • Maintains oxygen levels in machinery space at high levels keeping personnel safe if trapped.
  • Does not require space to be filled up with foam as required with other systems.
  • Cleanup is no less toxic than having fuel mixed with plain water.

Water mist has a very high capability to cool the atmosphere surrounding the area during a fire and cools the ambient temperature rapidly. The danger in this case is that a fuel fire can easily get out of control and begin to damage the fragile air frame and skin of any aircraft. A fire in this case has the likelihood to have a high heat output of several megawatts. Water mist has the effect of being more effective the hotter the fire burns within a predetermined size space. As a result, a faster extinguishment time occurs minimizing damage to the aircraft and any surrounding structures. SECURIPLEX LLC has worked on different types of proposals that offer unique challenges.

Below is a project that SECURIPLEX conducted with the US armed forces. This a situation where we combined our expertise in total flooding systems with the advantages of a local application system that was flexible enough to be easily re-configured quickly and efficiently for different types of aircraft.


The hanger pictured is used for engine testing while the plane is fully fueled. The requirement was for three different types of planes (F15, F22 and A-10) to be protected during a potential fire incident. The pilot was required to be present in the cockpit during full engine throttle and thrust tests. As a result, a water mist discharge would help to cool the space down quickly maintaining a temperature where the pilot would have a higher degree of survivability.

Whether for a commercial airline, civilian or military application, SECURIPLEX has the system and the experience to provide adequate protection in any hanger configuration!