Engine Test Cells

engineTestCellsAircraft Engine Test Cells are a source of multiple hazards, such as pressurized engine fuel systems, lubrication oil systems, and hydraulic systems.

Fire protection with SECURIPLEX FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 water mist technology provides the advantage of rapid fire extinguishment. Unlike other water based systems that can cause damage to the turbine with their excessive cooling of the casing, the FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 system uses minimal amounts of water, distributed evenly around the casing, avoiding any damage to the turbine.

The FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 system offers protection for smaller volume Turboprop/Turboshaft Test Cells based on total flooding of the entire test cell, or for larger Turbojet/Turbofan Test Cells, by localized protection of the specific hazards.

Localized protection of Turbojet/Turbofan Test Cells includes protection of the turbine engine, fuel supply accessories and connections.


 In the current example, 18 nozzles @ 2.5USGPM are installed around the critical sections of the turbine engine and 6 nozzles over the fuel supply connections. These are where the potential for pressurized spray fires are highest.

engineTestCells3Total flow requirements: Water – 45 USGPM Air – 324 SCFM @ 95 psi

The system is serviced by facility water and 8 compressed air cylinders.

The FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 water mist system is controlled by the conventional SECURIPLEX 1010 Control Panel.