Hydraulic Presses

hydraulicPress1In every industry, hydraulic-operated machinery is a hazard. Oil, heat, dust accumulation, and metal friction are all sources for potential fires. Therefore there is a great need for a safe, reliable fire protection system.

Usage of some gases as fire protection is an option. However, gases can involve lethal consequences to the surrounding personnel, consequences that should never be underestimated by any company.

SECURIPLEX water mist system is a safe and clean fire protection technology that offers the advantage of rapid extinguishment, reduced water damage and therefore, limited downtime and loss of production. And poses no harm to any personnel.

The FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 System installed in a Hydraulic Press


  • Safe for personnel
  • Reduced down time & production loss
  • Rapid extinguishment
  • Nozzles are installed on the most critical areas: bearings, oil pits and metallic contact points where the potential for sparks is high.

In this particular case, a total of 20 nozzles were installed to protect the hydraulic press. Four nozzles were installed on each side of the 24” bearing areas, 4 nozzles were installed in the equipment area and 8 nozzles were installed along the metallic contact points of the risk areas.

Flow requirements: Water: 26 USGPM Air: 240 scfm

  • A hybrid system is installed using plant water and 5 air cylinders. The complete system is controlled by the conventional 1010 control panel.
  • Nozzles are fitted with protective covers to prevent the highly dusty environment from blocking nozzle orifices.