Light Hazard Press Release


May 16, 2016


Securiplex Announces Completion of Fire Testing for Automatic Light Hazard Water Mist Nozzles



Securiplex is pleased to announce the completion of fire testing for its automatic light hazard water mist nozzles in accordance with test protocols of FM Approvals and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

While Securiplex already has a wide variety of water mist approvals in place, the addition of the automatic light hazard nozzle approval will allow Securiplex to satisfy customer needs for an even wider range of applications such as accommodation spaces on board marine vessels, museums, hotels and retrofit of historic buildings or heritage sites.

Use of water mist in light hazard applications has become quite common in many regions and continues to gain acceptance worldwide, so obtaining these approvals is a welcome addition to Securiplex’s offerings to better serve the commercial, industrial and marine markets. We have a long history in the development of water mist technologies and have enjoyed much success with our open-head systems.

Water mist systems utilizing automatic nozzles function similarly to a conventional sprinkler system but offer several advantages such as much smaller piping/tubing requirements, scrubbing of smoke and toxic gases, significant and rapid temperature reduction and 80-90% less water consumption compared to conventional sprinkler systems. These advantages provide tremendous benefits to the customer including ease of installation, personnel safety and dramatic reduction in collateral damage to the facility and equipment.

Securiplex has been providing water mist fire protection systems since 1995 and is a proven innovator and leading manufacturer of water mist technology.

Headquartered in Mobile, Alabama (USA), Securiplex extends its reach globally through its network of well-trained distributors worldwide. We are proud to provide systems for a wide range of projects from subway systems in the US and flight simulator facilities in the Middle East to US Navy combat ships, luxury yachts and more.

Some of our most recognizable client installations include the New York City subway system, the New York Stock Exchange, flight simulation facilities, the US Navy and the oil production market. In response to requests from numerous clients over the past few years, Securiplex is very excited to be expanding our approvals even further to be in a position to better serve our existing customers and meet the needs of new customers as well.