Marine General Information

marineGeneral1 SECURIPLEX is a proven innovator and pioneer in Water Mist Fire Protection technology and has provided water mist fire protection since 1995. SECURIPLEX was the first manufacturer in North America to achieve an approval for water mist fire protection (i.e. FM) and helped to develop the protocol against which all other manufacturers in the industry are currently evaluated. We continue to develop new products for new applications on an ongoing basis. We are at the forefront of the industry in the development of efficient water mist fire protection solutions.

Our fire protection systems, using no additives or suppressant solutions (i.e. no AFFF), meet the USCG requirement for approved water mist fire protection systems. As a result, we can offer you the most cost effective solution with the lowest life cycle costs when compared to FM200, Novec1230 or any other type of extinguishing agent. In addition, FIRE-SCOPE® 5000 systems have more advantages during and following a major incident than over any other extinguishing system including lower room temperatures, better smoke scrubbing capability and increased life safety characteristics (i.e. higher residual oxygen levels and mist cooling effect). FIRE-SCOPE® 5000 systems are safe for humans, safe for your process and are the ultimate solution for your water mist fire protection needs.

marineGeneral2We are centrally located in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico to serve and service all your fire protection needs. We are in close proximity to major shipyards in the southern portion of the United States. Whether you require fire protection for a Navy vessel, offshore oil rig, platform supply vessel, commercial vessel or any other type seagoing ship, we have the systems that can meet your requirements.

Our team of engineers and specialists will work with you to design the most cost effective solution, be it a self-contained or electric driven system, without comprising the protection of personnel, equipment and property.

SECURIPLEX has provided water mist fire protection for Gas Turbines and Machinery Spaces on Canadian Patrol Frigates (CPF) and the Littoral Combat Ship Class (LCS) Vessels. These Systems were designed to meet the extreme demands in operating conditions that only arise during life-threatening combat situations. Designed to withstand excessive shock and vibration, SECURIPLEX water mist systems are the best choice to keep your personnel safe while providing reliable fire protection.marineGeneral3

Compared to Deluge Systems, Water mist:

  1. Uses up to ‘20’ times less water than Deluge systems
    • Less water damage after fire
    • Minimizes environmental impact after discharge
  2. Extinguishes fires faster
  3. Extinguishes pressurized spray fires
    • Water mist has a high surface to volume ratio leading to highly effective absorption of heat from the fire
    • Smoke scrubbing capability (removal of smoke particulate from air)

Compared to Gas Systems, Water mist:marineGeneral4

  1. Does not need air tight enclosure
    • (no door fan test required)
  2. Safe for
    • Personnel
    • Environment (no GWP or ODP)
  3. Benefits to the surroundings
    • Cooling of hot metal to prevent re-ignition
    • No potential for HF residues
    • Scrubs out toxic gases
  4. Easy recharging procedure
    • Minimum downtime
    • Low refilling cost

Water mist is “A Water Spray from which 99% of the total volume of water is in droplets with a diameter less than 1000 microns (Dv0.99) at the minimum design operating pressure of the water mist nozzle.” marineGeneral5

Nozzle Specifications:

  • Operates at 750 PSI (52 bar)
  • Nozzle Flows at 4 GPM (15 lpm)
  • Constructed in stainless steel with titanium alloy orifice & inserts
  • Severe Temperature Resistance

SECURIPLEX has the approvals for the system that is right for your application, whether it is total flooding, local application, or for protecting larger enclosures:

  • For a simple enclosure, the FIRE-SCOPE® 5000 system approved for Total Flooding is the answer, as proven by its many installations worldwide.
  • For protecting equipment located in large area spaces, or meeting SOLAS requirements, the approved Local Application design offers all of the flexibility you need for your special hazards.
  • For large machinery spaces, (ship or offshore) our system approved for up to 5200 m3 enclosures gives you the performance required for large volumes.

Contact us today and ask us how SECURIPLEX can supply your water mist fire protection needs in Class A Machinery Spaces, Pump Rooms, Oil Purifiers, Boiler Fronts, Incinerators, Paint Lockers, Chemical Storage, Accommodation Areas, Propulsion and Power Generation Spaces .