Material Handling

 materialHandlingAll manufacturing facilities that are involved in high volume production use conveyors as a means of processing their materials. Constantly operating conveyors create heat, combine that with the dust they can collect, and you have a high potential for fire.

Using SECURIPLEX FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 water mist system for fire protection will reduce downtime if an occurrence were to happen. FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 discharges less water meaning less cleaning is required and no outsourcing of refilling agent is needed. Production losses are therefore minimized. More importantly, water mist poses no risk for the operators.

Using only water and air, FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 is the ideal solution to your fire protection needs.



  • No risk for personnel
  • Low water quantity discharge
  • Limited downtime and production loss
  • A total of 13 conveyors are protected on this particular project and each conveyor is considered a discharge zone equipped with 17 nozzles.
  • Requirements per zone: Water: 22 gpm Air: 204 scfm @ 95 psig.
  • Nozzles, located every 4 ft along the conveyor belt, are protecting against oil quenched component fires.
  • Plant service panels were used and a 1010 control panel was used to detect, suppress and activate the system for up to 4 conveyors.
  • If the air source is not entirely reliable, air cylinders can be used as a back-up.