Power Utilities

power-utilities-01Power Utilities are filled with hazardous areas and equipment that can be the source of high dollar value losses as well as important production losses should a fire occur. Also, small remote power stations often have water supply restrictions that can limit their fire protection options.

The efficient extinguishing capabilities of the SECURIPLEX FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 water mist system make it the ideal protection system for various types of equipment. While limiting fire-related damages, water mist, with its minimal water consumption, also reduces clean-up and water decontamination costs.

A complete range of power utilities can be efficiently protected by water mist:
Co-generation plants
Coal-fire power plants
Gas-fire power plants
Nuclear plants

Waste energy plants

Pump Apower-utilities-04reas

  • Can extinguish pressurized spray fires power-utilities-02
  • Can be used to locally protect flanges or valves

Diesel Generators

  • Cools surroundings thus preventing re-ignition
  • Eliminates the high risk for personnel unlike some gases

Gas Turbines

  • Remains efficient regardless of how airtight the enclosure is, unlike gaseous systems
  • Protects the turbine for the entire rundown time
  • Can also locally protect steam turbine bearings

Transformer Vaults

  • Uses 20 times less water than a deluge system
  • Is approved for complete extinguishment, not just controlpower-utilities-03
  • Reduces water decontamination costs
  • Reduces water containment installation cost

For over 20 years Securiplex has been a leader in fire protection. Along with our FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 System, we also offer an integrated Fire Detection system. Support of integration with Fire and Gas Detection Systems is also supported.

Securiplex has approvals for a wide range of applications and is continuously developing the FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 system’s potential.