Propak Alarm Control Unit


  • 8 initiating circuits – conventional or 4-20mA device
  • Three alarm levels for gas detection
  • Available with 4 line x 24 LCD display
  • 4 supervised solid state control outputs
  • 4 relay or 16 relay outputs
  • Common alarm and trouble relays
  • PC programmable
  • Suitable for releasing device service
  • Service mode feature for testing
  • RS-485 MODBUS interface capability

The PROPAK Alarm Control Unit is a compact panel design providing detection and control of local and auxiliary alarm systems. Approved for releasing service, it performs fire as well as gas detection and can be easily programmed for the control of various auxiliary functions such as fire suppression supervision and release, fire door and ventilation control, emergency shutdown of equipment as well as communication to the fire services. The unit is designed and constructed in accordance with UL-864, ULC-S527 and complies with the requirements of NFPA 72.

The PROPAK has a windows-based built-in field programming capability. This allows the user to select the type of input, select sensor range, alarm level and time delays between detection and activation. Outputs can be programmed to operate with any input or combination of inputs using AND / OR Boolean logic. A laptop computer loaded with the field programming software is used to communicate with the PROPAK and upload the desired programming.

Propak Capacity

The PROPAK has eight (8) analog inputs, four (4) supervised outputs and four(4) relays.

Conventional Detection: the analog inputs will accept conventional detection and supervision devices. The analog inputs provide a regulated voltage, current limited supply to the field devices while monitoring current draw for trouble, fault and alarm conditions.

Gas Detection: each input is individually configurable to communicate with any 4-20 mA device. With the digital Liquid Crystal Display unit, the PROPAK is capable of continuously displaying the concentration of gas levels in PPM, LEL, and %/ Volume.

Each of the four (4) supervised output circuits provides 24 volts DC and is rated for 1 amp (inductive load). A total of 2 Amps is available for all four (4) outputs. The supervised outputs are short circuit protected, automatically resetting upon removal of a short circuit condition.

The relays can be used to initiate related functions and communications. An option of sixteen (16) relays is also available.