transformers-01Transformer vaults can be found in almost every building and in every industry. They are a critical part of any industrial process, and of any city’s economical activity. However there is also a very high potential for a fire hazard.

The oil they contain and the heat they generate can be the start of the most severe fires and the most difficult to extinguish.

When using standard deluge systems, control of the fire is the only objective. Tremendous amounts of water must be discharged to cool the transformer and contain the flame.

Securiplex FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 water mist system offers a new approach to even the most severe transformer fires. The small water droplets are the ideal means to provide complete extinguishment of such a fire with a minimal amount of water.

Transformer Vault

  • The transformer vault on the left was fitted with 20 nozzles @ 3.2 USGPM to protect the three transformers.
  • Nozzles are placed in order to provide full coverage of the transformer surfaces and away from the busbars.
  • Requirements: Water: 60 gpm Air: 360 scfm at 95 psi


  • Uses up to 20 times less water than conventional systems
  • Limits the environmental impact
  • Extinguishes completely
  • The system uses facility water and air and is equipped with 2 banks of back-up air cylinders.
  • The system is controlled by an addressable control panel that communicates with the central control system. The panel is also ready for future vault protection.

SECURIPLEX FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 water mist system used water mist on outdoor transformers to control fire and cool transformers. Pictures show the result of a water mist discharge.