Wood Press

woodpress-01Wood presses use various combustible materials such as wood chips, glues, and hydraulic oils that accumulate on the hot metal plates and chain drives, causing a considerable fire risk. This dangerous combination has caused many fires, posing risk to personnel and causing much damage. Theses fire occurrences in the wood process industry has caused manufacturers and insurance companies to become concerned. They are aware of the great importance of having a safe, reliable fire protection system is of in a wood press. Using a deluge system creates the risk of plate warping due to the large quantity of water being discharged constantly on the hot plate surfaces. The loss of production due to press down-time can be costly.

The FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 water mist system uses fine water droplets and low water consumption, creating an excellent solution for customer concerns of warping and water damage.


  • Nozzles are positioned on each side in a local application design.
  • Nozzle spacing and positioning will vary depending on press obstructions.

The FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 water mist system can be offered as a complete automatic operation with the use of a Securiplex 1010 Control Panel and various detectors strategically located. Manual activation is an option for these systems. This allows the operator to discharge the system even in a non-fire situation to clean any wood build-up on the press.


If the facility has a reliable water and air source, a plant service panel can be used to minimize the cost and maintenance of the system. Air cylinders can be provided as a back-up in case of compressor failure. For each side of the press, the inlet pressure requirements to the plant service panel is 90 psig for both air and water.

Flow Requirements

Air: 370 SCFM
Water: 45 USGPM

Depending on the press size, the water and air demand may vary.
Should a reliable source of air and water not be available at the site, a water tank and air cylinders can be supplied.

Nozzles can be fitted with protective caps to prevent the accumulation of wood dust on the nozzle orifices.

Horizontal MDF (Medium Density Fiber) Presses

The FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 system is also an effective solution for horizontal continuous MDF presses. The MDF presses have various areas of risk such as the press inlet and outlet, hot steel plates and belts, as well as various lube oil equipment. To address these areas, the FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 system is divided into multiple discharge zones that cover the entire press.